Rental Coffee Machines Photo shoot

Six Coffee machines and over a thousand photos later… It was a long Photo Shoot.

When I arrived engineers were preparing a number of office coffee machines for my photo shoot with an aim for them to be visualized in 3D with animation.

Coffee Machine Rental and Leasing, they were the focus and main objective as these would help customers once they have got one of these machines, assisting in the daily maintenance and regular cleaning requirements.

Going through the process with the Coffee Machine technician as he explained the process and detail involved in the cleaning requirements. Each step documented by me with my photography, including each component from every angle.

London Coffee Machines really believe in creating great customer support…

My next Job like this was Snack Vending machines, hopefully will get to try out the merchandise.

These recent projects involved a lot of photography, but not to been seen by anyone it was to support a 3D Artist in the creation of a number of 3D Visualizations. I had comprehensively documented each machine with enough material for them to be reproduced in 3D.

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So many photos, I had the equivalent of PlayStation finger.



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