About me

My Hobby is photography, ive worked on a number of free projects over the last few years for friends and family. Ive also worked free for some companies who needed some photography, recently Pixel Edge Ltd helping them re-imagine a series of rental coffee machines in the form of customer cleaning guides, as well as a local author who needs some promotional material for a new detective crime novel, creating some interesting crime scene photography.

The equipment I like to use is mainly the Cannon EOS 5D Mark Mk III which is a professional camera. The recent enhancements over my old Mark II include a step up from 9-point auto-focus to a 61-point AF system with 41 cross-type points and five dual-cross points, which is extremely powerful.

Im looking for creative projects to expand my skills so if you have a requirement please get in touch at the following email …. image@flamindutts.co.uk

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